Ashley Gonzalez

Medical Office Coordinator 
Luxe Aesthetic Center

Ashley Gonzalez is our personable and knowledgeable aesthetics services coordinator at Luxe Aesthetic Center. Ashley has been with Luxe Aesthetic Center since 2015. She is a dedicated team member who takes great pride in meeting the needs of her aesthetic patients. Prior to joining Luxe Aesthetic Center, she was employed by Nordstroms and Macy’s, where she developed an extensive background in customer service. Ashley also holds an aesthetician license from Fullerton College since 2006. Ashley has been a patient of Luxe Aesthetic Center, since it first opened, and she truly enjoys guiding a patient through the entire process – from the first inquisitive phone call or seminar through the follow-up care. She truly enjoys enhancing the patients experience and building relationships with the patients.

Ashley is a long-time resident of Yorba Linda, CA. Ashley is married, with one daughter and one son. In her free time, she enjoys exercising, and has a strong passion for animals and animal rights. Ashley enjoys being a part of a team that has such a positive impact on people’s lives.


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