Facial Rejuvenation

Our face is the most prominent feature on our entire body

Our face is the most prominent feature on our entire body. But as we grow older, fine lines, wrinkles, spots, and other signs of aging appear. There are several factors that can affect overall skin health including age, sun exposure, smoking, lifestyle, and others. At Luxe Aesthetic Center, we offer several progressive techniques that can help restore a youthful appearance to faces, also known as facial rejuvenation treatments.

Our minimally invasive procedures are incision free and many do not require topical anesthesia. Treatments include KYBELLA®,  HydraFacial MD®, Chemical Peels, Dermal Fillers, Photo Rejuvenation (IPL), Botox®/Dysport® Injections, and CO2 Fractional Laser Treatment . Our minimally invasive procedures offer minimal or no downtime.

While treatments cannot stop aging, they take years off your appearance by reducing the amount of fine lines and other signs of aging. Benefits can vary depending on the type of treatment used.

Potential benefits include:

  • Removing unsightly skin conditions (i.e. age spots, uneven pigmentation, redness).
  • Enhancing appearance and boosting self-confidence.
  • Feeling great about your appearance.
  • Achieving smoother looking skin.

Treatment duration:

  • Botox/Dysport Injections: Up to four months
  • Dermal Fillers: Six months up to two years
  • Chemical Peel: Variable depending on the chemical used

Schedule a consultation today to speak with our professionals about your personal goals and expectations. These visits allow practitioners to discuss benefits, precautions, treatment response, adverse reactions, method of administration, and other important information.

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